Our Community Managers

GBG Managers are a group of enthusiasts and passionate volunteers, appointed in collaboration with Google to manage GBG events in specific chapters (in our case, Kota Kinabalu Chapter). GBG Managers do not work for Google. All GBG work is done on voluntary basis.

Baizurah Basri

Baizurah is a freelance web and graphic designer based in Kota Kinabalu. She works on various IT related projects and dedicates her weekend to co-organize / join community events around Kota Kinabalu.

She's an art enthusiast and very passionate about volunteering for a good cause. In between projects, she enjoys solo travelling and immersing herself in new cultures and environment.

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Azlina Abdul Jalil
Womenwill Lead

Azlina is a freelance translator and writer from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. She has been freelancing since 2011 and previously worked as a Mechanical Engineering lecturer at Universiti Malaysia Sabah. She left the university to pursue a business in advertising and publishing, only to realize that what she really loves and has always wanted to do, is write.

She worked as an Elance Mobilizer from March 2013 to Feb 2014 , introducing the local community in Kota Kinabalu to online freelancing. She is also a member of SWEPA and SWEPA Toastmasters Club. Her interests include reading, mindmapping, NLP and watching movies.

She believes that opportunities are out there everywhere, if only you are willing to open yourself up to them and that life is too short to not be pursuing your dreams.

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Ahmad Hafeezi Ali Amat

Ahmad Hafeezi is a Software Developer and Technologist by profession and also our resident freelance HRDF Certified Trainer. He holds a double degree in both Engineering and Business and with it, a rare gift of understanding both the tech side and human side of any business process. Breaking down concepts to a form that is most basic and simplest to understand is his trademark.

He is highly passionate in both Technology and Entrepreneurship, and believes in empowering local communities and businesses with technology.

He is also the Treasurer for Kinabalu Coders, GBG KK's main sponsor.

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